What Did Your Words Do Today?

Donna Schmid

Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker & Trainer
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Did you know that your thoughts and the words you choose to express those thoughts have an emotion attached to it? 

Words have power. Words are energy. What you believe about your thoughts, determines what emotion you will create. Every emotion has a chemical associated with it that attaches to every cell in your body. 

Your thoughts and emotions are energy which affects others! How did your thoughts, your words affect another life today? 

What did your words project today? Were they one of anger, disappointment, fear or maybe love, joy, encouragement? You and you alone are responsible for your words, the thoughts behind the words and the emotion which drives the energy. 

Were your words inspiring or uplifting or were they condescending and berating? How did you feel after you released them? Words have power. Words are energy. What did your words say today? Did your words heal today or did they hurt? 

Before you speak (in words, texts, emails, etc.) ask yourself, 

“Is it kind? 

Is it necessary? 

Is it true, does it improve on the silence?” – Sai Baba 

What and who do you talk about? What words come out of your mouth? Do they represent who and what you are – what you desire for yourself and the world? 

Are you adding to life or are you taking away from life? 

Ask yourself – Do people feel better and more alive as a result of being with and speaking to you? – What did YOUR words do today? 

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