What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Donna Schmid

Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker & Trainer
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Ok, I’ll admit it! I love purses AND shoes. No matter where I am, my eyes are attracted to those divinely crafted, magical bundles of sheer elegance. Boy, can I pick em! The interesting thing I noticed about my own delectable taste in purses is the fact that when my eye catches one of those beauties, it is love at first sight! 

I notice purses – period! Interestingly, I don’t wake up and decide I need a new purse. It is like the “purse” finds me! And once it yells out to attract my attention, I cannot resist. I love to look 

at, touch and handle a great purse. Yet, I can easily place it back on the shelf and not give it a second thought! I recently got a new purse, much to my husband’s dismay! 

As I was cleaning out the old purse and strategically placing my items in my new beauty, I had a thought! What does my purse say about me and for that matter, what does a purse say about its owner? 

I started noticing my client’s purses. Some had really small bags and tried to stuff items inside to the point the purse looked like it was going to split its sides! Their personalities where somewhat similar. Their lives were typically stuffed with lots to do and not much time to do it all. 

Some had HUGE purses that hung like mini suitcases on their shoulders. (As a therapist, I love these clients because they invariably have chronic shoulder issues! Repeat customers!) They carried anything you could imagine. This kind of woman packs everything including the kitchen sink! Her personality is such that she worries a lot about not being prepared, a little vulnerable (not with muggers – hell all she has to do is club em with her purse and she would knock them out cold) – no, it was some deep insecurity about being vulnerable. 

Then there was the “knock off” purse. The one that appears to be a designer bag but when you press for more information, the owner folds and admits it was on sale at Ross! Yea, I can spot a fake a mile away! A gal with a “real” designer bag, is one that likes to be well put together. She has a purse for everyday, evening and certain outfits. There are two personalities present. One 

says I care how the world views me and the other says, “I don’t care what you think, I know I look good!” 

Wait, we aren’t quite done yet! There are those women who love the mini-back pack look, the canvas bag with the fringe on the bottom that appears if you turn it inside out it would become a tent and sleeping bag combo along with a change of clothes. These ladies are el-natural! Ya know, they are proud of their hairy legs and armpits. The fabric colors scream loudly that if you ever got hungry, you could probably eat the fiber. Blah! Pass the salt! 

So, what does my purse say about me! Unfortunately, mine has to pass the kid test. That’s where my daughters give me their unsolicited opinions about my choices. I usually get the “what are you trying to say?” Or, the “that’s not you mom!” I love “big” purses – not because I have a lot of stuff! It will take me a while to distinguish between my wallet and my cell phone but I trust my well developed “braille” fingertips! I live life like my purse! Large! The color is usually black or brown because I love versatility just like my friends. They have to be flexible, like my personality! They have to be ready to go to a conference, meet a friend for coffee or dine at a fancy restaurant. The outside is leather soft and there is plenty of room in the inside. I don’t like to feel cramped – but I do like to be cozy. The stitching reflects my attention to detail and the handles need to be sturdy because you can count on me when the going gets too heavy! My purse is like my life – ready to go no matter what the situation is – and spacious to add more fun to the mix! Heck, if need be, I could probably fit a bottle of wine in there and zip it up! You, of course will need to bring the glasses! So, what does your purse say about you? 

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